A gem to parse Kindle's "My Clippings.txt" file into ruby objects.
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This project has moved to GitLab

Kindleclippings is a ruby library for parsing annotations created on your kindle.

When you make annotations on a kindle, they are saved as a file called "My Clippings.txt" under the documents folder.
This library will parse these annotations/clippings and give you an array of ruby objects.


To install kindleclippings just run

% gem install kindleclippings



Parsing the My Clippings.txt file.

require 'kindleclippings'

parser = KindleClippings::Parser.new

clippings = parser.parse_file('My Clippings.txt')
clipping = clippings.last

clipping.book_title # => "Confessions of a Public Speaker"
clipping.author # => "Berkun  Scott"
clipping.type # => :Highlight
clipping.added_on # => #<DateTime: 2009-12-14T19:10:00+00:00 (353545963/144,0/1,2299161)>
clipping.content # => "Most people say \"umm\" and \"uhh\" when they speak. These are called filler sounds ..."

The annotations can also be parsed directly.

require 'kindleclippings'

parser = KindleClippings::Parser.new
clippings = parser.parse("the content you want to parse.")

Retrieve only the information you care about

Annotation types

You can retrieve only the annotationstypes you care about. After parsing, you can call highlights, notes or bookmarks on the collection to get only annotations of that type.

require 'kindleclippings'

parser = KindleClippings::Parser.new
clippings = parser.parse_file('My Clippings.txt')

clippings.notes      # All the notes
clippings.highlights # All the highlights
clippings.bookmarks  # All the bookmarks

Author, book title and date

You can filter the results by author, book title or date by using the methods by_author, by_book and by_date on a ClippingResult object.

require 'kindleclippings'

parser = KindleClippings::Parser.new
clippings = parser.parse_file('My Clippings.txt')

clippings.by_author('Malcolm Gladwell') # All annotations for all the books by Malcolm Gladwell

clippings.by_book('Born to Run') # All annotations for the book Born to Run

clippings.by_date(Date.new(2011, 10, 1), Date.new(2011, 10, 31)) # All annotations for October 2011


  • Georg Alexander Bøe
  • Masatomo Nakano
  • brokensandals
  • fboucheros
  • David Ramalho
  • Kenrick [aka Ken] Chien
  • Christophe Philemotte
  • Aggelos Orfanakos