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Port of mame 0.36 to java
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arcadeflex_screenshots Added blueprnt driver
convertor several fixes to convertor
frontend game menu (can be activated through TAB). No save for inputs yet howe…
.gitignore added loggging to pokey and few more stuff
TODO-compatibility.txt Added blueprnt driver
compatibility.txt Added blueprnt driver
compatibility.xlsx Added blueprnt driver
release-changelog.txt updated compatibility list


Port of mame 0.36 to java

Read more in our blog at :

You can play some games online at :

old mame old rom sets can be found at (download only if you have a legal board)

port 0.36 status

Read compatibility_list.txt

Want to help?

we are looking for people willing to help , mostly on audio part atm. If you think you can help just give as a note

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