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Emulators allow the host system to emulate the qualities of a client system. For example, a mobile application developer might run an emulated device on their PC in order to test how their application would perform and appear on an actual phone or tablet.

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BracerJack commented Sep 3, 2020

The original Flash Player load the contents in the *.swf (pictures/sounds/etc) but NOT the document color of the loaded swf.

But it does in ruffles.
Does that matters in the long run ?

Just some consistency stuff to take note.

And here's another one, once unloadMovie() is called, the contents in the loaded *.swf is gone (good)'s the crazy thing...the loaded swf's document

DavidSteinhart commented Jun 3, 2020

I tried saving and loading a state, but the resulting images differ. Mario shows a different animation frame. Might be related to #99

from pyboy.utils import WindowEvent
import pyboy as pyboy
import numpy as np
import io

# Load Super Mario Land and progress to start of game
boy = pyboy.PyBoy('')
for i in range(100):
gdkchan commented Sep 14, 2020

Feature Request

Trace log level.

What feature are you suggesting?


We should add a new "Trace" log level that would be used for things that needs a high amount of logs, and would be normally undesirable to enable unless the person is trying to diagnose a specific issue.

Example of things that should use such "Trace" level are the kernel syscall logs and IPC call l

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