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A django application to create image galleries using your instagram pictures using mezzanine cms
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mezzanine instagram gallery

This is a django application to create a mezzanine gallery using the instagram images of a certain user.

Here is an example of the gallery created with this application:

You will need to setup a cron job (or alike) to get the pictures from time to time.


  • python-instagram
  • requests


Run the following command:

$ pip install -e git+

Add mezzanine_instagram_gallery in your INSTALLED_APPS after all the mezzanine applications. Then run migrate:

$ python manage migrate mezzanine_instagram_gallery

There is a management command that you can run on regular basis to update your pictures from instagram (you'll need to setup your access token first):

$ python sync_instagram_medias

It will try to download your recent medias and add it to your configured gallery, I suggest you add a cron entry for this script.


In order to access the instagram API we need an access token. You can use this application to get one, to do this you should set this variables in your

INSTAGRAM_REDIRECT_URL = 'your-redirect-url'

And configure the, here is an example:


Then run your project and access the configured url that calls authorize view. If everything is set correctly, you should see a page with a successful message. You might want to read the python-instagram documentation for further details on the authentication process.

Actually, this step is optional. You can use the script and get the access token. Once with the access token, just open a python shell:

>>> from mezzanine_instagram_gallery.models import InstagramUser
>>> InstagramUser(access_token='your-access-token').save()

And your are done.

NOTE: if you are going to use the second way, remeber to this after you complete the application installation.

You need to create a gallery inside mezzanine to associate with the downloaded imges, use the gallery slug as shown:

INSTAGRAM_GALLERIES = [('gallery-slug', 'gallery-type'),]

We currently support only galleries using the user pictures, but in the future it might be possible to set several galleries, so we use the syntax above. You should set gallery-type to 'user'.

The number of items to fetch from instagram at a time (defaults to 50):



  • Complete support for multiple galleries

Final Note

This is a work in progress application, so you should expect many bugs!