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A matrix based 2d camera to use in pixi.js
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➡️ Important Note:
This project was fun to build back in the days (~4 years now 😬). I doubt that anyone (including me) can make this project run with the current pixi version easily or extend it as I used augment (there was no es6 yet 👀).

I recommend that you check out the following projects if you need a camera/viewport in pixi.

A world container which can be viewed through an accompanying camera.

See here:


var options = {
  screenWidth: 5000,
  screenHeight: 700,
  width: 5000,
  height: 500,
  centerX: 0,
  centerY: 0

var world = new pixicam.World(options);
world.setScreenSize(500, 500);

var camera =;
//now move and zoom the camera

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