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This extension brings support for Chocolatey to Visual Studio Code.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Chocolatey?
  2. Commands
  3. Snippets
  4. Dependencies
  5. Resources
  6. Installation
  7. Documentation
  8. Thanks
  9. Contributing
  10. Releases

What is Chocolatey?

Chocolatey is a Package Manager for Windows, which allows the automation of all your software needs.

For more information about Chocolatey, please see the Chocolatey Website or the Chocolatey source code repository.


The Chocolatey Visual Studio Code Extension provides the following commands:

  • Chocolatey: Create new Chocolatey package to create the default templated Chocolatey package at the root of current workspace.
  • Chocolatey: Pack Chocolatey package(s) to search current workspace for nuspec files and package them
  • Chocolatey: Delete Chocolatey package(s) to search current workspace for nupkg files and delete them
  • Chocolatey: Push Chocolatey package(s) to search current workspace for nupkg files and push them
  • Chocolatey: Install Template package(s) to install a list of template packages from a specified source

Context Menus

  • Chocolatey: Create new Chocolatey package to create the default templated Chocolatey package in a directory of your choosing.


Snippets are provided for the following Chocolatey Helper Functions:

  • Install-ChocolateyPackage
  • Uninstall-ChocolateyPackage

To use them, simply open your powershell file, and then type choco followed by ctrl-space. This will then show the available snippets...

Available Chocolatey Snippets

and then simply arrow up/down to the one you want and press enter, or left mouse click. From there the PowerShell code for the helper function will be generated, and the cursor will be placed ready for you to start filling in the content of function...

Expanded Chocolatey Snippet


The extension takes a dependency on the following extensions:

  • PowerShell - since Chocolatey Packaging Scripts are written in PowerShell, this extension helps with the creation/maintenance of those.
  • Zip File Explorer - to enable the ability to "view" the contents of the generated nupkg files, which are simply fancy zip files.
    • NOTE This extension will attempt to add the necessary file association to your User Settings, so that nupkg files are treated in the same way as zip files.


Short YouTube videos of each of the releases of this extension can be found in this playlist.


You can either install this extension in the normal way, or you can choose to install using Chocolatey:

choco install chocolatey-vscode


You can find the documentation that is available for this project here.


The execution of the Chocolatey commands in this extension would not have been possible without the amazing work of the Ember CLI VS Code extension, as this was used as the basis for creating this feature in this extension. Huge thanks to Felix Rieseberg.


If you would like to see any other snippet or features added for this VS Code Extension, feel free to raise an issue, and if possible, a follow up pull request.

You can also join in the Gitter Chat Join the chat at


To find out what was released in each version of this extension, check out the releases page.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Kim J. Nordmo
Kim J. Nordmo

💻 📖 🎨 🤔 🚧 📦 👀 🐛
Maurice Kevenaar
Maurice Kevenaar

💻 📖 🎨 🤔 🚧 📦 👀
Stephen Valdinger
Stephen Valdinger

💻 📖 🤔
Martin Björkström
Martin Björkström

💻 🤔 👀
Adam Friedman
Adam Friedman

🤔 👀
Manfred Wallner
Manfred Wallner

Gary Ewan Park
Gary Ewan Park

💻 📖 🎨 🤔 🚧 📦 👀 🐛

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


Chocolatey Extension for Visual Studio Code




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