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Can't build without Netbeans installed #452

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Gephi can't build without a Netbeans installed. When building, a valid 'platform' and 'harness' needs to be provided to complete the build. These locations contains the Netbeans Platform JARs and ANT targets.

That limits the ability to do automated testing and continuous integration. It also makes Netbeans necessary for building the toolkit.


The solution for this issue is to include the current Netbeans Platform 'platform' and 'harness' folder somewhere in the repo and overrides the default platform directory.

By modifying the nbproject/ with an new active dir it should completely ignore the default Netbeans installation:${suite.dir}/platform

The folder gephi/platform should contain the 'platform' and 'harness' folder.


Implemented in commit 8f21254 and commit 5b73b09.

An additional 'platform' folder now contains the latest Netbeans Platform (7.0.1) and the build.xml set it as the active platform dir so it overrides the default platform.

A 'build-all' target has been added and set as default. It builds the zip and mac distribution.

A 'download-platform' target can automatically downloads the latest version of the platform from Netbeans' servers. It is configured to also download the JUnit plug-in.

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