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  1. gephi gephi Public

    Gephi - The Open Graph Viz Platform

    Java 5.7k 1.6k

  2. gephi-toolkit gephi-toolkit Public

    Gephi Toolkit - All Gephi in a Library

    Java 168 117

  3. gephi-toolkit-demos gephi-toolkit-demos Public

    Quick demos using the Toolkit

    Java 93 88

  4. graphstore graphstore Public

    Fast in-memory graph structure, powering Gephi

    Java 66 26

  5. gephi-plugins gephi-plugins Public

    Repository for Gephi Plugins maintained by the team. Each plugin has it's branch.

    266 618

  6. gephi-plugins-bootcamp gephi-plugins-bootcamp Public

    Out of the box plug-ins development suite. Contains examples for all types of plug-ins.

    Java 69 129


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