Filter range does not filter if min == max #477

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sheymann commented Nov 18, 2011

I want to filter the network to see only nodes having degree = 1. It's now impossible since the last update.

I do a Degree Range, then set the range from 1 to 1. The network is not filtered.

Setting from 0 to 1 is not possible on my network because every node is connected to at least another one.

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mbastian commented Dec 17, 2011

Use a Equal Filter, not a Range Filter to do that.

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suthers commented Feb 4, 2012

I was also about to post this bug as not fixed. Apparently your reply is it's not a bug, but the interface should provide better feedback.Also, why not make it work? What's so hard? Then we can avoid others thinking it is a bug to be reported.


mbastian commented Feb 4, 2012

Sure it could be improved but we need to prioritize and there are other UI improvements we could do in the software that could have a higher impact.

But this is open to contributions. The code is in the FiltersPluginUI module, feel free to submit a patch.

suthers commented Feb 4, 2012

Fair enough - you're doing a lot and I appreciate it. I just have
to advocate for the software working as expected being more
important than the user working as expected.

@sheymann sheymann reopened this Feb 25, 2012


sheymann commented Feb 25, 2012

We should not close this bug, because we may find someone who will take the time to fix it.


megaterik commented Feb 28, 2012

I fixed that bug, however this looks a bit weird.
Seems that Range everywhere is inclusive, but it processed as an error.
Mathieu, could you please take a look at megaterik/gephi@fa44b46?


mbastian commented Mar 2, 2012

I'm working on refactoring this area. The code in the Range class and the way we update min/max is not good and I think we should simplify this. My idea is to put RangeFilter in the Filters SPI and manage ranges from the controller so we have the right graph at the right time.


mbastian commented Mar 2, 2012

Hey this should be fixed in the latest push. Thanks megaterik for taking the time to dig into that code :-)

The Range class is quite simpler now and the FilterProcessor is now responsible for updating the range. It's better this way. It also fix some problems when the Toolkit was using the API.

@mbastian mbastian closed this Mar 2, 2012

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