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MongoDB Driver for Delphi
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.gitignore AddressBook added
AddressBook.dpr License info added
AddressBook.dproj Sample AddressBook added
AddressBook.res Sample AddressBook added
AddressBookForm.dfm Sample AddressBook added
AddressBookForm.pas C Driver Sync
COPYRIGHT.txt License info added
GridFS.pas Better UTF8 support - Thanks to GswOne
LICENSE.txt License is Apache 2
MongoBson.pas Insert i.Free in TBson.value() to address Issue #8
MongoDelphiDriver.dpk GridFS implemented
MongoDelphiDriver.dproj GridFS implemented
MongoDelphiDriver.groupproj Sample AddressBook added
MongoDelphiDriver.groupproj.local TMongo connection class finished
MongoDelphiDriver.res mongo.distinct() and added Readme added
Test.dpr upgrade to mongo-c-driver 0.7
Test.dproj Initial push
Test.res mongo.distinct() and added replSet allocation bug fixed in mongo-c-driver

This is a Delphi package supporting access to MongoDB.

After downloading this repo, download and build mongo-c-driver with scons. Use the --m32 option with SCons to generate a 32-bit dll. Copy the produced mongoc.dll to C:\10gen\mongo-delphi-driver\Win32\Debug or ...\Release as appropriate.

Load the project group, MongoDelphiDriver.groupproj, into RAD Studio.

To run the examples, in the Project Manager, right-click on either Test.exe or AddressBook.exe and Activate. Hit F9 to build and run.

The documentation for package is in the 3 unit files: MongoDB.pas, MongoBson.pas, and GridFS.pas

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