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R driver for MongoDB
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This is an R extension supporting access to MongoDB.

After cloning the repo, drop mongo-c-driver's src directory into rmongodb/rmongodb/src. Alternately, unpack into rmongodb/rmongodb/src.

The driver is installed into R with:

R CMD INSTALL rmongodb

If you have compile problems, this may be due to interface changes to mongo-c-driver.
In rmongodb/ is an archived copy of mongo-c-driver ( that you can unpack to .../src . Since this is the version of the mongo-c-driver used in the development of rmongodb, you may have better results.

Once you have installed the package, it may be loaded from within R like any other:

>library("rmongodb") # for instance

To run the unit tests:

R --no-save < test.R

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