😮❗️❗️ Wow❗️ now my Go commandline app is spinning with 🌈 and 🐴
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Beautiful spinners for Go commandline apps



go get -u github.com/gernest/wow


package main

import (


func main() {
	w := wow.New(os.Stdout, spin.Get(spin.Dots), "Such Spins")
	time.Sleep(2 * time.Second)
	w.Text("Very emojis").Spinner(spin.Get(spin.Hearts))
	time.Sleep(2 * time.Second)
	w.PersistWith(spin.Spinner{Frames: []string{"👍"}}, " Wow!")

Available spinners

Name What it looks like
Star2 star2
GrowHorizontal growHorizontal
Squish squish
Toggle12 toggle12
Smiley smiley
Hearts hearts
Dots3 dots3
Dots11 dots11
Balloon balloon
Clock clock
Dots4 dots4
SquareCorners squareCorners
CircleHalves circleHalves
Star star
Arc arc
Toggle13 toggle13
BoxBounce boxBounce
Line2 line2
Pipe pipe
Triangle triangle
Shark shark
Line line
Arrow arrow
Earth earth
Dots5 dots5
Toggle11 toggle11
CircleQuarters circleQuarters
Toggle9 toggle9
Dots9 dots9
Bounce bounce
Toggle2 toggle2
Toggle7 toggle7
Arrow3 arrow3
Moon moon
Dots6 dots6
Christmas christmas
Dots10 dots10
Hamburger hamburger
BoxBounce2 boxBounce2
BouncingBar bouncingBar
Flip flip
Dots8 dots8
Dots12 dots12
Noise noise
Toggle3 toggle3
Toggle6 toggle6
Runner runner
Dqpb dqpb
Dots dots
Toggle4 toggle4
Monkey monkey
Dots7 dots7
SimpleDots simpleDots
GrowVertical growVertical
Circle circle
Toggle toggle
Toggle5 toggle5
Arrow2 arrow2
Dots2 dots2
Toggle8 toggle8
Toggle10 toggle10
BouncingBall bouncingBall
SimpleDotsScrolling simpleDotsScrolling
Pong pong
Weather weather
Balloon2 balloon2