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C++ zip stream wrapper
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STL iostream implementation using the library zlib. This means that you can easily manipulate zipped streams like any other STL ostream/istream.

To give you an idea, consider following snippet that prints "Hello World":

ostringstream output_buffer;
// writing data
output_buffer << "Hello world" << endl ;

Now, the same snippet but with zipped output using zlib:

// zip_ostream uses output_buffer as output buffer :)
ozstream zipper( output_buffer );

// writing data as usual
zipper << "Hello world" << endl;

Or, to create gzipped files:

ofstream file("hello_world.txt.gz");
ogzstream gzfile(file);
gzfile << "Hello world " << endl;

As you can see adding zipped buffers into your existing applications is quite straightforward. To summarize, let's see some quick facts about zstream:

* STL compliant,
* any-stream-to-any-stream support,
* char, wchar_t support,
* fining tuning of compression properties,
* support custom allocators (New!)

Based on the work of Jonathan de Halleux, published on CodeProject

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