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An simple example of PHPUnit data proivder.
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Data Provider Example


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This is a simple example of using data provider in PHP Unit. It can be used to write less test with multiple data sets keeping the code coverage high.

    * Data provider for testCalculateTotal
    * variables are in the order of
    * $paymentMethod, $expectedTotal
    * @return type
    public function paymentMethodProvider()
        return [
            ['Cash', 100.00],
            ['Credit Card', 95.00],

     * Test to check if the order total is calculated correctly
     * for given payment method.
     * @param string $paymentMethod
     * @param float $expectedTotal
     * @dataProvider paymentMethodProvider
    public function testCalculateTotal($paymentMethod, $expectedTotal)
            sprintf('Testing total calculation for %s.', $paymentMethod)

The description of how use data provider in PHP Unit is provided in my blog post.


You can run composer update

~> composer update --prefer-dist

and then run the tests using the command below on folder where the repo is cloned.

phpunit --bootstrap=vendor/autoload.php tests

Available in packagist

The package is availabe in packagist. You can use it for reference by adding the followign line to you composer.json file

"data-provider/example" : "0.0.2",

What Next?

Issues are put in HuBorad, do have a look.

Contribution Guide

This is just an example

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