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An example of how to call Gestpay payment page (Gestpay Starter) from PHP4.
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Example payment via Gestpay Payment Page in PHP

This repository is an example project to show how to implement a payment via Gestpay payment page.

The payment process is explained in Gestpay Docs - Getting Started - see in particular Using Banca Sella Payment Page.

What's in this repository

File Description
index.php is the main entry point for the application. tweaking this page you will be able to change the amount, or the currency, and so on.
response.php when the payment is completed, Gestpay will redirect to this file to show to the user the payment status. response.php will decrypt the encrypted string and then it will show the SOAP message received - in the form of an array.
nusoap.php NuSoap is a SOAP library. PHP has SOAP built-in support from PHP5 and more, but if you use PHP4 you must use a library for this. We have chosen NuSoap.
phpinfo.php A simple page to check your php version and your server software. this file

How to start the example

  1. open the file index.php and change
$shopLogin = 'GESPAYXXXXX';

with your shopLogin.
2. start this webapp on a server with a public IP. 3. Connect to your test merchant back-office and login 4. In Configuration > IP address, insert the public IP of your server 5. In the same page click on Response Address and insert: - URL for positive response: <<your_server_address>>/response.php - URL for negative response: <<your_server_address>>/response.php - URL Server to Server: <<your_server_address>>/response.php 6. Pay with one of the cards present in the Notification page. 7. Once you have payed, you'll be redirected by Gestpay on response.php to see the outcome of the transaction.

Questions, Issues, etc.

For any questions, open an issue on Github.

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