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Gestpay iFrame example in PHP

This example focuses on how to completely customize the payment page the way you want - in Gestpay, we technically refer to this as the iFrame solution.

This example is realized in Php5+, to use the Soap capabilities of the language. If you use an older PHP version, checkout php4-gestpay-iframe.

A detailed explanation of what's going on is in the Getting Started page. Refer to the paragraph Using your customized payment page to understand the process of paying with this solution.

NOTE - to launch this example, the iFrame option must be enabled on your Gestpay account. Ask Gestpay support to enable it.

What's in this repository

File Description
index.php This is the main entry point. Since it is only an example, it contains php instructions (executed on the server) along with html and javascript code (executed on the client).
response.php when the payment is completed, Gestpay will redirect to this file to show to the user the payment status. response.php will decrypt the encrypted string and then it will show the SOAP message received - in the form of an array.
reset.css and iFrame.css because nobody likes ugly pages  this file

How to start

  1. open index.php and set the $shopLogin variable (row 9) with your Gestpay shop login. In the same file, you can set the environment (test or production) via the variable $testEnv. (Default: true)
  2. upload it to a php server with a public ip
  3. Connect to your test merchant back-office and log in
  4. In Configuration > IP address, insert the public IP of your server
  5. In the same page click on Response Address and insert:
    • URL for positive response: <<your_server_address>>/response.php
    • URL for negative response: <<your_server_address>>/response.php
    • URL Server to Server: <<your_server_address>>/response.php 
  6. Pay with one of the cards present in Notification page.
  7. Once you have payed, you'll be redirected by Gestpay to response.php to see the outcome ot the transaction.

## Questions, Issues, etc.

For any questions, open an issue here on Github. We will take care of everything for you.


An example of Gestpay and Iframe solution, for php5+.



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