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Browser Extension

get-set, Fetch! is a browser extension for scraping sites through out a series of parametrizable scraping scenarios.

Currently supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge.

The most common use cases are handled by builtin scenarios:

  • Scrape Static Content
    • Extracts text and binary content from static html pages based on CSS selectors.
  • Scrape Dynamic Content
    • Extracts text and binary content from dynamic (javascript) pages based on CSS selectors.

You can also install community based scenarios:

If you wrote a scraping scenario and want to share it, please update the above list and make a pull request.

The extension is structured as a monorepo with the following sub-packages:

  • commons: mostly typescript definitions
  • background: parses pages and stores relevant data in the builtin browser database (IndexedDB)
  • popup: toolbar appearance
  • admin: front-end for the background capabilities
  • scrape-static-content: builtin scenario
  • scrape-dynamic-content: builtin scenario
  • extension: builds the extension files and runs a comprehensive suite of integration tests

You can find technical tidbits in each sub-package readme file.

A detailed documentation with a series of examples is available at