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Download Nightly Build Status

Generates HTML from Specification/Markdown files. This is a plugin for gauge.



gauge install spectacle

To install a specific version of spectacle plugin use the --version flag.

gauge install spectacle --version $VERSION

Offline Installation

Download the plugin zip from the Github Releases.

use the --file or -f flag to install the plugin from zip file.

gauge install spectacle --file ZIP_FILE_PATH

Build from Source



go run build/make.go

For cross-platform compilation

go run build/make.go --all-platforms


After compilation

go run build/make.go --install

Creating distributable

Note: Run after compiling

go run build/make.go --distro

For distributable across platforms: Windows and Linux for both x86 and x86_64

go run build/make.go --distro --all-platforms


Export to HTML

Run the following command to export to HTML in a Gauge project

gauge docs spectacle <path to specs dir>

The html docs are generated in docs directory inside the project.

Filter Specification/Scenario based on Tags

Tags allow you to filter the specs and scenarios. Add the tags to the textbox in the report to view all the specs and scenarios which are labeled with certain tags. Tag expressions with operators |, &, ! are supported.

In the following image, the specs/scenarios are filtered using a tag expression(\ refactoring & !api).



GNU Public License version 3.0 Spectacle is released under GNU Public License version 3.0