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Grav Shortcode Media Plugin


The Shortcode Media plugin provides various media-related shortcodes to embed content.

It currently provides:

  • IFrame
  • PDF
  • DocViewer
  • SlideShare


Typically a plugin should be installed via GPM (Grav Package Manager):

$ bin/gpm install shortcode-media

Alternatively it can be installed via the Admin Plugin

Configuration Defaults

enabled: true
google_viewer: false

The google_viewer uses the Google Docs "Viewer" to view the PDF rather than letting the browser's built in viewer handle things. THis provides a more consistent viewing experience between browsers and platforms. However, it only works for externally accessible URLs.

Available Shortcodes

This plugin provides a variety of shortcodes, each with a specific purpose:


You can display a specific URL in an iframe:

[iframe url="" /]

You can also provide a specific width and height:

[iframe url="" width="800" height="600" /]

or full width available:

[iframe url="" width="100%" height="800" /]

also classes and ids can be set:

[iframe url="" class="external iframe" id="grav-homepage" /]


Very similar to the IFrame shortcode above, you can pass a full URL or a local page media file:

[pdf url="" /]

local file:

[pdf url="planning-process.pdf" /]

You can also use width, height, class, and id like IFrame shortcode.

To enable to disable the Google Docs Viewer you can pass the google param:

[pdf url="planning-process.pdf" google="true" /]


The PDF shortcode is actually very generic and can display any file inline as an iframe (as long as the browser supports it). But if the browser doesn't support it, Google probably does, so docviewer shortcode is an alias:

[docviewer url="important-numbers.xls" google="true" /]


An example of the SlideShare shortcode is as follows:

[slideshare id="58575464"]

Optional parameters let you set a variety of common SlideShare options:

[slideshare id="58575464" width="600" height="500" start="2" align="center" class="my-slideshare" style="border:1px solid blue"]

| NOTE: this format is compatible with the WordPress shortcode syntax that is available as part of the share option for any slide set.