Network mining devices

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Local and Network miners

Since Minera 0.5.0 you can add network devices too to your system. You can run Minera with any kind of devices, your local devices as USB/ASIC miners will continue run and you can still monitor them, but now if you want, you can add also miners that aren't directly connected with your Minera system.

Network miners

Network miners are devices with a local controller inside them and a ethernet/wifi connection (no USB), usually you can control them via web interface, but they are often ugly and not much user friendly.

Network miners are for example:

  • Antminer S1/S3/S4/S5
  • BitFury
  • Rockminer
  • And any remote cgminer/bfgminer process (so yes, you could also monitor the local miners in an remote Minera system)

## Configuring a network miner

Before you can start using Minera with your network miners you need to let Minera talk with them, to do so, usually you have to add an option to the cgminer configuration. In general you need to allow Minera to read/write to the cgminer API with the option api_allowwith something like this:

api_allow: 'W:,W:'

in a config file, or:

--api-allow 'W:,W:'

in a command line.

Antminer S9 / L3+ / D3

Since version 0.9.x Minera support also:

  • Antminer S9
  • Antminer L3+
  • Antminer D3

You don't need to do anything in your Antminer, just boot up and get its IP. Then go to the settings page of your Minera and add it as network miner, select the right Type and save.

Antminer S1

  • SSH into AntMiner (default user/password: root/root)
  • Edit with vi or nano /etc/config/cgminer
  • Change the api_allow argument as api_allow 'W:,W:' (put your correct subnet)
  • Restart the S1 (sudo reboot)

Remote Minera

  • Go to your remote Minera settings page
  • You must use cgminer/bfgminer as local miner
  • On "Local Miner" section add a "API Allow" line with W:
  • Save & restart your local miner

Many other miners can be added to your Minera system, just check your miner allow API commands and it will be auto discovered by Minera.

You can use this tool to check if you miner has API configured:

Configuring your Minera system

Once you have your network miners ready to be reachable by your Minera system you can go to the settings page, section "Network miners" and use the "Scan network" button.

The process will scan your network for hosts with port 4028 open (default cgminer port), but you can always add any other miner manually, you only need to know the IP/Hostname and the port.

As soon as you add a network miner your, you will be able to monitor it by your dashboard together with your local miners.

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