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Extra Plugins for Nikola

The source repository of — Plugins for the Nikola static site generator.

How to get your Plugin to the Index

  1. Follow the Developer Documentation closely.

  2. Fork this repository and put your plugin there.

  3. Send a Pull Request.

    Note: even if you have commit rights (shared with Nikola or from another plugin you posted), please send a Pull Request for code review.

  4. Success! Your plugin is in the Index. Please note that it will appear on the website at midnight UTC, when the site is automatically rebuilt.

Developer Documentation

Anyone can develop plugins for Nikola. There are some specific files you need if you want them on the Index, though.

There is also a sample helloworld plugin available.

A Markdown-formatted file, describing your plugin, what it does, and how it works.

We aren’t using reST, which is a de-facto standard in the Python and Nikola community, for simplicity and historic reasons.

requirements.txt / requirements-nonpy.txt / requirements-plugins.txt (all optional)

If your plugin depends on something else, you need to add it to one of those files.

If your dependency is a Python package, put it in the requirements.txt file, which is then passed over to pip while installing your plugin. Inserting Nikola’s dependencies you also depend on is not mandatory, but suggested just in case those are not our dependencies anymore.

If you depend on a third-party piece of software that is not a Python package installable via pip, you need to provide a requirements-nonpy.txt file. The format is Human-friendly name::http://download/link. It will be shown in the Plugins index, and shown to the user while installing.

If you depend on another Nikola plugin, put it in the requirements-plugins.txt file, Nikola will install these when installing your plugin. The format is just the plugin name(s), each on a separate line. (optional)

If there are any config options you need for your plugin, put them here.

[plugin name].plugin

This is a standard ConfigParser-style ini file. It is parsed by yapsy and the Plugin Index.

Name = plugin-name
Module = plugin-name
Tests = test-suite

MinVersion = version-number
MaxVersion = version-number
Compiler = compiler-that-uses-extensions
PluginCategory = plugin-category

Author = authors-name
Version = version-number
Website =
Description = A short, one-line description


In [Core], you need to provide the Name of your plugin and the Module your plugin resides in. We recommend to have them identical (just like the directory name and the name of this very config file).

Additional fields: If you have tests, put it in the /tests/ directory of this repository (not your plugin!) and put the test module name in a Tests field. Tests in /tests/ are run in CI (via GitHub Actions). Note that the GitHub Actions test runner does not interpret requirements-nonpy.txt files!


If you require a specific version of Nikola, set MinVersion and MaxVersion accordingly. Those fields are not mandatory.

If the plugin is a compiler extension, you need to set the Compiler here. Otherwise, skip this field.

The PluginCategory field is mandatory, and it must contain the plugin category. Use 'Compiler' for compilers and the base class name for anything else.


In which you need to put in the Author, Version, Website (of the plugin; you can just use the link to the Index as shown in the example; replacing plugin-name with the obvious thing) and a short Description.

[plugin name].py

This is where your plugin resides. Follow the Extending Nikola tutorial for instructions on how to write a plugin.

Please make sure your plugin has a valid open-source license, and that it has a license comment. For short licenses (MIT/BSD), include the entire license text; for longer licenses (Apache, GPL/LGPL), use the short declarations (Apache, GPL). If you don’t know which license to use, we recommend MIT (as seen in Nikola core).


Extra plugins for Nikola







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