Shortcodes for Nikola.
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Shortcodes for Nikola

Community-maintained shortcodes for Nikola are listed in this file. To add your own, put it in a repository or a Gist, add a link and description for your shortcode to this file and send a pull request. Please use the existing entries as a guideline for formatting your new entry. The Extending Nikola manual describes how to implement shortcodes.

To use a template-based shortcode: save it to the shortcodes/ directory of your Nikola site and follow the usage instructions given by shortcode's author.


Author: Christopher Arndt (SpotlightKid)

Download: audio.tmpl

A Jinja2 template-based shortcode for Nikola to embed a HTML5 audio player and download links.


{{% audio src= %}}


{{% audio src= formats=mp3,ogg %}}
Sorry, your browser does not seem to support the HTML 5 audio element.
{{% /audio %}}

The shortcode supports a few other parameters:

{{% audio src=my-track.mp3 download="Datei herunterladen:" nocontrols=1 loop=1 autoplay=1 %}}


{{% audio src= nodownload=1 %}}

Boolean parameters must have a value to take effect, but it doesn't matter what the value is.