does faraday version requirement needs to be ~> 0.8? #6

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hellvinz commented May 9, 2012

the sentry-raven.gemspec is asking faraday 0.8.0 rc2

 gem.add_dependency "faraday", "~> 0.8.0.rc2"

While reading the faraday's changelog the 0.8 version seems to only impact get, head, delete

Can the requirements to faraday be >=0.7.6? Lots of projects have not stepped to 0.8. This could avoid conflicts in Gemfile. raven-ruby doesn't need the 0.8 version (I've ran the raven-ruby tests in 0.7.6 and they all passe)



Test coverage is almost nothing right now, so that isn't a good indicator. 0.8 added the new syntax for middleware stuffs. It could probably be reverted to the old one, patches welcome.

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