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This is an (incomplete) list of projects that use Gevent. If you like to be included, please mail to the Google group. We also maintain a Compatibility page that lists some popular libraries and their compatibility status with Gevent.

Database drivers

Web servers

  • gunicorn: HTTP/WSGI Server for UNIX designed to serve fast clients or sleepy applications.
  • pastegevent: Run WSGI applications with PasteDeploy and gevent.
  • django-ddp: A Meteor backend written in Django, using the DDP protocol and websockets.


  • atami RSS/Atom feed aggregator/filter
  • channelstream Websocket/LongPolling server supporting pub/sub channels and JSON REST API for client communication.
  • django-rpg: A simple framework to create RPG with gevent and Django.
  • indygo pastescript template for a complete django project with pip+virtualenv, fabric, a gevent-based wsgi server and various helpers scripts.
  • locust: An easy-to-use user load testing tool
  • logglyproxyA syslog proxy server forwarding messages to Loggly via HTTPS.
  • mixevent A gevent and REDIS based queue for creating a MixPanel event with Python.
  • radiator STOMP broker in python/gevent.
  • sec-wall A feature packed high-performance security proxy.
  • Shaveet is a zero-config JSONP/CORS long-polling(AKA comet) server.
  • tproxy is a simple TCP routing proxy (layer 7) that lets you configure the routine logic in Python.
  • hroute simple HTTP proxy based on tproxy.
  • uurl URL shortener built with gevent, redis, bottle
  • livestream A simple Django app that uses gevent and long polling to add the capability of including live event streams in other Django applications.
  • kaylee Distributed MapReduce with ZeroMQ
  • miyamoto fast, clusterable task queue inspired by Google App Engine's task queue.

Clients and protocol implementations

  • close.consumer: Gevent based Streaming API consumer
  • geventhttpclient: A high performance, concurrent HTTP client library for python using gevent.
  • geventirc A simple IRC client using gevent.
  • gevent_stomp Stomp library for gevent
  • gevent-websocket: Websocket implementation for gevent
  • grequests: GRequests: Asynchronous Requests
  • nucleon.amqp is an AMQP 0.9.6 client that builds on gevent to offer a synchronous programming model. Greenlet-unaware AMQP libraries all seem to have a callback-based programming model that doesn't fit with the philosophy of gevent.
  • websocket fork of gevent-websocket which also includes websocket client
  • parallel-ssh An asynchronous parallel SSH client library.
  • pydoozer A Python client for Doozerd using gevent

Tools extending Gevent


  • gevent-socketio backend
  • mwlib: a library for parsing MediaWiki articles.
  • nucleon is a microframework for RESTful service-oriented-architecture applications.
  • pykka implements the actor model for concurrent programming.
  • Restkit: an HTTP resource kit for Python. It allows you to easily access to HTTP resource and build objects around it.
  • plivo Rapid Telephony Application Development Framework
  • pyramid_socketio Gevent-based Socket.IO pyramid integration and helpers
  • MVC web framework in Python with Gevent, Jinja2, Werkzeug

Integration with other network libraries

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