pelican-svbhack is a responsive theme for Pelican and it is my hack of a svbtle-like theme
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pelican-svbhack is a responsive theme for Pelican, it is my hack of a svbtle-like theme.


You can see the theme in action.

theme screenshot


  • responsive
  • syntax highlighting for pre blocks
  • supports google analytics
  • custom list of links


  • no IE testing
  • no custom menu


Clone the repository, edit your and modify the THEME variable to make it point to the downloaded theme location.


Supports a number of common global variables but patches are welcomed if you need better support.

  • GOOGLE_ANALYTICS to use Google Analytics, set this var to your UA-XYZ code

  • USER_LOGO_URL to replace the logo placeholder, put your logo in content/images/your_logo.png and make this var point to SITEURL + '/static/images/your_logo.png'

  • ROUND_USER_LOGO set this to True to crop your logo to a circle and add a black border

  • DISQUS_SITENAME set this to your Disqus sitename to enable disqus comments in articles

  • TAGLINE some text rendered right below the logo

  • INTERNET_DEFENSE_LEAGUE set this to True if you want to enable the Internet Defense League code

When developing locally, you may want to set the following variable: SITEURL = http://localhost:8000


  • Accent color can be changed by editing @accent in ./static/css/style.less.
  • A different Pygmentize theme can be used by editing ./Makefile and running make pygments.


pelican-svbhack is authored by Giulio Fidente.


Released under MIT License, full details in LICENSE file.