A Perl 6 implementation of the Perl 5 HTTP::Server::Simple::PSGI
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This simple embedded web server is similar to HTTP::Daemon, but provides more hooks for subclassing and extending. The subclasses CGI and PSGI give ways to host existing web applications or frameworks that use those APIs.

The Perl Server Gateway Interface is a more powerful and efficient web server API than CGI. Several well known Perl 5 products are based on it, for example Plack and Dancer. This Perl 6 based project offers the same web server foundation on Rakudo, to assist the porting of such web frameworks to Perl 6.

The object hierarchy follows its Perl 5 based prototype closely, except where the CGI concerns were not separated from the web server. In this Perl 6 implementation the PSGI concerns are fully separated from the CGI ones.


Included are examples of minimal web servers and some that demonstrate use of extension hooks and subclassing.


The code is badly under tested, contributions would be welcome.


The Perl 6 Web.pm project: http://github.com/masak/web The Perl Dancer project: perldancer.org PSGI spec: http://github.com/miyagawa/psgi-specs/blob/master/PSGI.pod Rack spec: http://rack.rubyforge.org/doc/SPEC.html