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typesafe baseclass for Typesafe::XHTML::Writer
Perl 6
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Baseclass to be used with Typesafe::XHTML::Writer. It overloads infix:<~> to guard against omision of HTML-element quotation. This is not a DOM implementation, it's merely a secure way to concatanate HTML and non-HTML strings. It's lightweight by design, resulting in fairly good speed.

The only characters that are turned into HTML-Entities are < and &. If you need more use a modules that does not focus on speed.


use v6;
use Typesafe::HTML;

my $html ='<p>this will not be quoted</p>');
$html ~= '<p>this will</p>';
$html = $html ~ '& this will also be quoted';
$html = '& this prefix too' ~ $html;

dd $html;

# OUTPUT: HTML $html ='&amp; this prefix too<p>this will not be quoted</p>&lt;p>this will&lt;/p>&amp; this will also be quoted');

$html = ~ '& more quoting';

dd $html;

# OUTPUT: HTML $html ='&amp; more quoting');

put $html.Str;

# OUTPUT: &amp; more quoting


(c) Wenzel P. P. Peppmeyer, Released under Artistic License 2.0.

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