Clojure data-based exception handling
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Catch Data

A tiny clojure lib with a try+ macro that lets you catch ExceptionInfo objects based on their contents. Requires Clojure 1.4 or more recent, of course.

Wait what about Slingshot?

At the moment slingshot doesn't deal fluently with ExceptionInfo objects, and if you're only planning on using ExceptionInfo then it has a lot of unnecessary features.


Leiningen dependency coordinates:

[com.gfredericks/catch-data "0.2.0"]



(require '[com.gfredericks.catch-data :refer [try+]])

  (some codez)
  (catch-data :foo {bar :foo, :ex the-exception}
    (do something with bar or the-exception)))

The first argument to catch-data is any predicate that will be passed the map inside the exception. The second is a binding for the map. When using map destructuring, you can use the special :ex key to get a handle on the exception object itself.

catch-data clauses can be intermingled with catch clauses, and each will be tried in order. Currently try+ compiles to a single catch clause with a cond as the body.


throw-data is a helper macro for throwing ex-info objects, that not only saves you a pair of parentheses but also lets you reference values from your data map in your error message:

(require '[com.gfredericks.catch-data :refer [throw-data]])

  (let [y :hooha]
    (throw-data "I wanted a number but you gave me %arg~s!"
                {:arg y}))
  (catch clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo e
    [(.getMessage e) (ex-data e)]))
;; => ["I wanted a number but you gave me :hooha!" {:arg :hooha}]

See the like-format-but-with-named-args documentation for syntax details.


Copyright © 2013 Gary Fredericks

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.