A Clojure linter for Stuart Sierra's how-to-ns standard
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how-to-ns is a Clojure linter for Stuart Sierra's how-to-ns standard.

So far it is somewhat hacky and only has the particular features that I want or that haven't been difficult to add.


NOTE! As of version 0.2.*, how-to-ns has been split into the library how-to-ns and the leiningen plugin lein-how-to-ns.

See the next two sections for respective maven coordinates.

Leiningen Usage

Add [com.gfredericks/lein-how-to-ns "0.2.2"] to the :plugins vector of your project.clj or :user profile.

To lint the ns forms, printing diffs wherever there are problems:

lein how-to-ns check

To fix the ns forms that don't pass the linter:

lein how-to-ns fix

Library Usage

Maven coordinates: [com.gfredericks/how-to-ns "0.2.2"]

(require '[com.gfredericks.how-to-ns :as how-to-ns])

;; see below for description of opts
(how-to-ns/good-ns-str?               ns-str opts)
(how-to-ns/format-ns-str              ns-str opts)
(how-to-ns/starts-with-good-ns-str? file-str opts)
(how-to-ns/format-initial-ns-str    file-str opts)


Either via the opts param in the library or a :how-to-ns entry in your project.clj or :user profile for the lein plugin, the following options are available, shown here with their default values:

{:require-docstring?      true
 :sort-clauses?           true
 :allow-refer-all?        false
 :allow-rename?           false
 :allow-extra-clauses?    false
 :align-clauses?          false
 :import-square-brackets? false}

Things it doesn't do until somebody makes it do them

  • preserve comments or any other irregular whitespace
  • support cljc
    • clojure's reader supports this via {:read-cond :preserve}, but we would also need to know what formatting to target, especially since a conditional can show up at any level
      • one idea is to only allow them as direct children of the :require/etc forms


Copyright © 2016 Gary Fredericks

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.