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Sandboxie Python Client
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sandboxie is a Python interface to Sandboxie.


>>> import sandboxie
>>> sbie = sandboxie.Sandboxie()

Create a sandbox:

>>> sbie.create_sandbox(box='foo', options={'Enabled': 'yes'})

Start a sandboxed process:

>>> sbie.start('notepad.exe', box='foo', wait=False)

Get sandboxed processes:

>>> for pid in sbie.running_processes(box='foo'):
>>>     print(pid)

Terminate sandboxed processes:

>>> sbie.terminate_processes(box='foo')

Delete the contents of a sandbox:

>>> sbie.delete_contents(box='foo')

Destroy a sandbox:

>>> sbie.destroy_sandbox(box='foo')


The preferred way is to use pip:

$ pip install sandboxie

You can also use easy_install, but it's discouraged.

Supported Python versions

Python 2.7 and 3.2 are currently supported from a single codebase, without 2to3 translation.


The code repository is on GitHub:

To contribute:

  1. Work on an open issue or submit a new issue to start a discussion around a bug or feature request.

    • When submitting a bug, ensure your description includes the following:
      • the version of sandboxie used
      • any relevant system information, such as your operating system
      • steps to produce the bug (so others could reproduce it)
  2. Fork the repository and add the bug fix or feature to the develop branch.

  3. Write tests that demonstrate the bug was fixed or the feature works as expected.

  4. Submit a pull request and bug the maintainer until your contribution gets merged and published :-) You should also add yourself to AUTHORS.

Running the Tests

tox is used to run unit and integration tests in each of the supported Python environments.

First install tox:

$ pip install tox

Then run tox from the project root directory:

$ tox

Note: the integration tests require Sandboxie to be installed on your machine.

Coding Style

Ensure that your contributed code complies with PEP 8. The test runner tox also checks for PEP 8 compliance.

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