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Uses the Cloudkick API to build list of IPs for each tag. Handy for automating jobs across a group of servers.

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WTF Does this thing do?

This script grabs your list of nodes from the Cloudkick API and outputs an easily-sourced file. This is super handy for running a script on all of your servers with a given tag.

To use

Edit to have a valid Cloudkick OAuth key and secret.


./ > blah

The file blah should look something like this:

export TAG_EXAMPLE1=""
export TAG_EXAMPLE2=""
export TAG_TEST=""

Once you've sourced the file (source blah), you can create scripts like this...

for i in $TAG_TEST
    ssh $i hostname

...which will run hostname on all your servers tagged "test".


Tag names are mangled so that they're valid in shell-land. Spaces are replaced with underscores. I'm sure some people will have crazy symbols in their tags that will break this script.

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