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The instructions now are deprecated due to switchblade UI now being public. For now, adding instructions on the latest documentation / SDK.

Razer Keyboard Winamp Visualizer

This is my attempt to create a Winamp visualization that works with the Razer Deathstriker Ultimate keyboard.

It's based upon the Tiny3D Winamp visualization framework and is in a state where it is rather... unstable. The project renders the graphic equalizer to the keyboard screen and has hooks for using media keys to control Winamp.

See the demo in action:



I'm not certain of this but you most likely will need to have the Razer SwitchBlade SDK to begin. Please comment if the plugin works for you without the SDK.

Warning This plugin will invariably crash Winamp and is tempermental. Learn how to recover WinAmp by removing plugins or setting Winamp to safe mode before you try running the plugin.

  1. Copy RazerVizDemo.dll into your Winamp Plugins
  2. Open Winamp
  3. Select Options -> Visualization -> Select Plugin
  4. Return to your media library and select a song before enabling the plugin
  5. Start playing back the song
  6. Cross your fingers
  7. Either press Ctrl+Shift+k or select Options -> Visualization -> Start / Stop Plugin



The SDK has changed so the following is deprecated. I will update the instructions soon but for now, start where I'm starting, the Switchblade UI (SBUI) portal, Razer has seriously upped their developer experience game! If you get the plugin working with the release SDK, please subut a pull request.


  1. Register for the Razer developer program here:
  2. Download the SDK from here:
  3. Put the following binaries in the local ./lib directory from the SDK lib folder: RzSwitchbladeSDK2.lib
  4. Put the following binaries in the local ./include directory from the SDK include folder:
    • SwitchBlade.h
    • SwitchBladeSdk.h
    • SwitchBladeSdk_defines.h
    • SwitchBladeSdk_errors.h
    • SwitchBladeSdk_types.h

Build steps

  1. Clone the project.
  2. Open the solution file, RazerVizDemo.sln, from the project folder.
  3. Make sure the project is set to release.
  4. Click the Build button or press Ctrl+Shift+B
  5. The project will compile and, if it builds successfully, the plugin will be copied to your winamp plugins directory.


  1. If you're having trouble during the Linker steps, try this: Right click on the project -> Properties, select Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Input and set it to: kernel32.lib;user32.lib;gdi32.lib;winspool.lib;comdlg32.lib;advapi32.lib;shell32.lib;ole32.lib;oleaut32.lib;uuid.lib;odbc32.lib;odbccp32.lib;%(AdditionalDependencies)


  • Add UI to launch the app from Razer default UI
  • Add way to exit the app
  • Package images within DLL


05.20.2014 Great news, we're feature complete for a new random version designation, 0.9. This release is stable and I'm considering it beta-quality. The plugin has the following features:

  • Visualization with spectrum analyzer data from Winamp
  • 5 color themes
  • Dynamic color on media keys
  • Media playback control on keys working now for prev, play/pause, and next track

I'm going to see about getting together a final release for submission to Razer that will include theme switching past 5 themes. That will be 1.0, next will come actual visualizations on the DKs as we march on past 1!

05.15.2014 Let's call this version 0.3...

  • Added support for Volume up / down media keys ** Still not able to send media playback keys, winamp might be blocking ** Might be worth trying sending the hotkeys to the parent window...

05.07.2014 Check out the experimental branch. Now testing out more granular visualization bars as well as tri-color gradients.


  • Determined wasn't allocating sufficient memory for track shifts, fixed!
  • Added debug color spectrums for visualizer above viz loop
  • DK1 through DK5 (the LCD keys on the bottom) switch plugin colors
  • See YouTube demo of keyboard / trackpad working


  • Updated to skeleton project


Initial creation