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AIASS Is A SID Synthesizer (for MAX4LIVE)

SIDBlaster-USB Control Plugin for Ableton Live

Programming and UI design by Andreas Schumm

Documentation and Sounddesign by Magnus Hansson

The AIASS, together with Sidblaster-USB hardware, allows to produce music with an original SID chip MOS 6581 or MOS 8580 from the Commodore 64, in a modern DAW.

see the manual or the wiki for instructions

see: sid-object for the Max/MSP extention thats used.

see: SIDBlaster-USB-Tic-Tac-Edition for SIDBlaster-USB hardware.

see: SIDBlasterUSB_HardSID-emulation-driver for hardsid.dll.

see: AIASS-Mono-VST for the VST variant of the AIASS.

Thanks to:

*Stein Pedersen and Wilfred Bos for there support.

*Ken Händel for the linux/mac port of the hardsid library.

Copyright © 2022

Andreas Schumm (gh0stless) contact: