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Development has temporarily been suspended. Please read this blog post.

Ember RouteManager

Ember RouteManager is a coupling of native ember state managers with browser routing mechanisms. In it's current form, it is a modified version of SproutCore Routing which extends Ember.StateManager.

Basic Example

MyApp = Em.Application.create();

MyApp.postsView = Em.View.create({
  template: Em.Handlebars.compile("<h1>POSTS</h1><p>State: {{MyApp.routeManager.currentState.path}}</p>")

MyApp.projectsView = Em.View.create({
  template: Em.Handlebars.compile("<h1>PROJECTS</h1><p>State: {{MyApp.routeManager.currentState.path}}</p>")

MyApp.routeManager = Ember.RouteManager.create({

  posts: Em.ViewState.create({
    route: 'posts', // defines a static route
    view: MyApp.postsView,

    index: Em.State.create({}), // default state

    show: Em.State.create({
      route: ':id', // defines a nested dynamic route
      enter: function(stateManager, transition) {
        this._super(stateManager, transition);
        var params = stateManager.get('params');
        var postId =;
        // do something here with postId

  projects: Em.ViewState.create({
    route: 'projects',
    view: MyApp.projectsView


With the above route manager defined, you can now change the browser location either directly or by using routeManager.set('location', ...). For instance:

MyApp.routeManager.set('location', 'posts/25');

Will set the routeManager to the '' state with the params containing the post id of 25. States with routes can be nested arbitraily deep.