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Jotform API Voyager Hook

This is a hook for voyager that integrates with a Jotform account to view form data

Installing the hook

You can use the artisan command below to install this hook

php artisan hook:install jotform-api-hook


Go to the admin tab on the settings page and enter your Jotform API key in the Jotform API Key field.


Filtering Excel exports

When exporting form submissions, you can make modifications to the spreadsheet object before it is exported via a callback. The callback accepts the spreadsheet object, an array of data that populates the spreadsheet, and the corresponding form's title. Sample code is below:

use JotformApiHook\JotformApiHookServiceProvider;


if (class_exists('\JotformApiHook\JotformApiHookServiceProvider'))

    JotformApiHookServiceProvider::filterExportedSpreadsheet(function($spreadsheet, $sheetData, $formTitle) {
    	// Logic to change spreadsheet data ...

        return $spreadsheet;