Ghost Town

The place where Assemble's deprecated projects go to wither away.

  • Assemble middleware (v0.5.0) for preventing drafts from being rendered.

    JavaScript 3 Updated Sep 24, 2015
  • Learn how to use the layouts helper. This is different than how Assemble's built-in layouts work.

    JavaScript 4 2 Updated Feb 13, 2014
  • Grunt init template for Assemble, the static site generator built on Grunt.js. Kickstart new Assemble projects in just a few seconds, including templates, data, layouts, and a theme.

    CSS 52 11 Updated Jan 14, 2014
  • My own customized version of the grunt-init template, "gruntplugin"

    JavaScript Updated Dec 24, 2013
  • Grunt init template for creating Assemble helpers.

    JavaScript 4 2 Updated Sep 23, 2013
  • This is an example repository for:

    1 Updated Sep 22, 2013
  • grunt-init template for a very basic project. includes nodeunit tests, jshint, watch, clean, and assemble for converting readme to a simple gh-pages index page.

    JavaScript 3 1 Updated Aug 28, 2013
  • Assemble engine plugin for LiquidNode templates http://assemble.io

    JavaScript 5 2 Updated Jul 27, 2013
  • Proof of concept to generate JSON and/or YAML manifest files from given source files or directories.

    JavaScript 8 2 Updated Jul 16, 2013
  • Quickly build gh-pages documentation from a project README using Grunt.js and Assemble, a Node.js alternative to Jekyll.

    JavaScript 6 Updated Jul 14, 2013
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