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(:import (
BufferedReader BufferedWriter
File PipedReader PipedWriter PrintWriter Writer
StringReader PushbackReader)
(clojure.lang LineNumberingPushbackReader)
(java.awt Rectangle)
( URL URLClassLoader URLDecoder))
(:use []
[sketchpad.util.utils :only (attach-child-action-keys attach-action-keys
gen-map get-temp-file awt-event get-file-ns
when-lets get-text-str get-directories)]
[clooj.brackets :only (find-line-group find-enclosing-brackets)]
[ :only (get-var-maps)]
[clj-inspector.jars :only (get-entries-in-jar jar-files)]
[seesaw core color border meta]
[ :only (start-server stop-server)])
(:require [clojure.string :as string]
[sketchpad.rsyntax :as rsyntax]
[ :as io]
[sketchpad.project.project :as sketchpad.project]
[sketchpad.config.config :as config]
[sketchpad.editor.buffer :as buffer]
[ :as search]
[sketchpad.buffer.grep :as buffer.grep]
[sketchpad.buffer.action :as buffer.action]
[sketchpad.editor.ui :as editor.ui]
[sketchpad.wrapper.rtextscrollpane :as sp]
[sketchpad.wrapper.rsyntaxtextarea :as wrapper.rsyntaxtextarea]
[sketchpad.state.state :as state]
[sketchpad.buffer.token :as token]
[ :as auto-complete]
[sketchpad.input.default :as input.default]
[ :as repl]
[ :as]
[ :as]
[leiningen.core.project :as lein])
(:import (
(use '
(def repl-history (atom {}))
(def repls (atom {}))
(def ^:dynamic *printStackTrace-on-error* false)
(defn is-eof-ex? [throwable]
(and (instance? clojure.lang.LispReader$ReaderException throwable)
(.startsWith (.getMessage throwable) "java.lang.Exception: EOF while reading")
(.startsWith (.getMessage throwable) " Write end dead"))))
(defn get-repl-ns [app]
(let [repl-map @repls]
(-> app :repl deref :project-path repl-map :ns)))
(defn setup-classpath [project-path]
(when project-path
(let [project-dir (File. project-path)]
(when (and (.exists project-dir) (.isDirectory project-dir))
(let [sub-dirs (get-directories project-dir)]
(concat sub-dirs
(filter #(.endsWith (.getName %) ".jar")
(mapcat #(.listFiles %) (file-seq project-dir)))))))))
(defn selfish-class-loader [url-array parent]
(proxy [URLClassLoader] [url-array nil]
(findClass [classname]
(try (proxy-super findClass classname)
(catch ClassNotFoundException e
(.findClass parent classname))))))
(defn create-class-loader [project-path parent]
(when project-path
(let [files (setup-classpath project-path)
urls (map #(.toURL %) files)]
(println " Classpath:")
(dorun (map #(println " " (.getAbsolutePath %)) files))
(into-array URL urls) parent
(defn find-clojure-jar [class-loader]
(when-let [url (.findResource class-loader "clojure/lang/RT.class")]
(-> url .getFile URL. .getFile URLDecoder/decode (.split "!/") first)))
(defn clojure-jar-location
"Find the location of a clojure jar in a project."
[^String project-path]
(let [lib-dir (str project-path "/lib")
jars (filter #(.contains (.getName %) "clojure")
(jar-files lib-dir))]
(remove nil?
(for [jar jars]
(filter #(= "clojure/lang/RT.class" %)
(map #(.getName %) (get-entries-in-jar jar))))
(defn outside-repl-classpath [project-path]
(let [clojure-jar-term (when-not (clojure-jar-location project-path)
(find-clojure-jar (.getClassLoader clojure.lang.RT)))]
(filter identity [(str project-path "/src")
(when clojure-jar-term
(defn update-repl-history [app]
(swap! (:items repl-history) replace-first
(get-text-str (app :application-repl))))
(defn scroll-to-last [text-area]
(.scrollRectToVisible text-area
(Rectangle. 0 (.getHeight text-area) 1 1)))
(defn relative-file [app]
(let [prefix (str (-> app :repl deref :project-path) File/separator
"src" File/separator)]
(when-lets [f @(app :current-file)
path (.getAbsolutePath f)]
(subs path (count prefix)))))
(defn selected-region [ta]
(if-let [text (.getSelectedText ta)]
{:text text
:start (.getSelectionStart ta)
:end (.getSelectionEnd ta)}
(let [[a b] (find-line-group ta)]
(when (and a b (< a b))
{:text (.. ta getDocument (getText a (- b a)))
:start a
:end b}))))
(defn add-repl-input-handler [rsta]
(let [ta-in rsta
application-repl-history (get-meta rsta :repl-history)
get-caret-pos #(.getCaretPosition ta-in)
submit #(invoke-later
(when-let [txt (buffer.action/get-last-cmd rsta)]
(let [pos (application-repl-history :pos)]
(if (correct-expression? txt)
(send-to-application-repl rsta txt)
(swap! pos (fn [p] 0)))))))
at-top #(zero? (.getLineOfOffset ta-in (get-caret-pos)))
at-bottom #(= (.getLineOfOffset ta-in (get-caret-pos))
(.getLineOfOffset ta-in (.. ta-in getText length)))
prev-hist #(update-repl-history-display-position ta-in :dec)
next-hist #(update-repl-history-display-position ta-in :inc)]
(attach-action-keys ta-in ["ENTER" submit])
(attach-action-keys ta-in ["control UP" prev-hist]
["control DOWN" next-hist])))
(defn update-last-repl
(let [uuid (get-repl-uuid)
repls (current-repls)
repl (get repls uuid)]
(when-not (nil? repl)
(let [projects @(:projects @state/app)
project (get projects (:project repl))
last-repl-atom (get project :last-focused-repl)]
(println "reset " last-repl-atom " with uuid: " uuid)
(reset! last-repl-atom uuid))))))
(defn attach-tab-change-handler [repl-tabbed-panel]
(listen repl-tabbed-panel :selection update-last-repl)
(listen repl-tabbed-panel :selection
(fn [e]
(let [num-tabs (tab-count repl-tabbed-panel)]
(when (> 0 num-tabs)
(swap! state/app assoc :doc-title-atom (current-repl)))))))
(defn- double-click?
(= (.getClickCount e) 2))
(defn repl-double-click-handler
[text-area e]
(when (double-click? e)
(let [line-str (apply str (token/line-token text-area))
line-seq (clojure.string/split line-str #"\:")]
(when (token/can-be-opened? line-seq)
(let [buffer (buffer/open-buffer (first line-seq) ".sketchpad-tmp")]
(search/search (get-in buffer [:component :text-area]) (last line-seq))
(let [selection-end (.getSelectionEnd text-area)]
(doto text-area
(.setSelectionStart selection-end)
(.setSelectionEnd selection-end)))))))))
(defn attach-repl-mouse-click-handler
(let [text-area (get-in repl [:component :text-area])]
(listen text-area :mouse-clicked (partial repl-double-click-handler text-area))))
(defn init-repl-tabbed-panel [repl-tabbed-panel repl]
(let [text-area (get-in repl [:component :text-area])
scroller (get-in repl [:component :scroller])
container (get-in repl [:component :container])]
(.setUI repl-tabbed-panel (editor.ui/sketchpad-tab-ui repl-tabbed-panel))
(add-tab! repl-tabbed-panel "Sketchpad" container)
(repl-tab-component! repl-tabbed-panel repl)
(wrapper.rsyntaxtextarea/set-input-map! text-area (input.default/default-input-map))
(add-repl-input-handler text-area)
(config! scroller :background config/app-color)
(auto-complete/install-auto-completion repl)
(config/apply-repl-prefs! text-area)
(send-to-application-repl text-area "(require 'sketchpad.user)\n\t\t(in-ns 'sketchpad.user)")))
(defn repl-tabbed-panel
(let [repl-tabbed-panel (tabbed-panel :placement :top
:overflow :wrap
:background (color :black)
:border nil)
application-repl (]
(init-repl-tabbed-panel repl-tabbed-panel application-repl)
(attach-tab-change-handler repl-tabbed-panel)
(attach-repl-mouse-click-handler application-repl)
(swap! state/app conj (gen-map
{:type :repl-tabbed-panel
:auto-complete (atom nil)
:component {:container repl-tabbed-panel}
:application-repl application-repl}))
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