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SketchPad Road Map

Project Goals

  • Create a cross platform application for programming Clojure and Overtone with these core features:
  • It is simple enough for a 10 year old to download, open, select an example, and run
  • Manages project and application dependencies through leinengine
  • Provides a rich text editor through seesaw, Clooj, and RSyntaxTextArea
  • Has extensive documentation browsing for both clojure libraries as well as in depth Overtone API docs and SuperCollider UGen docs
  • Integration of Overtone GUI components

Road Map

Clooj updates

  • Turn Clooj into a modular editor and repl library

    • Fork and re factor Clooj to work nicely with seesaw by converting standard Clooj interop code to seesaw.
    • Extract clooj application components from clooj.core and create a new namespace which will contain all of the application components.
    • Update clooj.core to build standard Clooj with simple (create-application) function where the desired components can be added and styled.
  • Create SketchPad in sketchpad.core

    • Use the namespace to create custom Clooj base application as base of SketchPad
    • Overhaul standard Clooj layout to be more suited to Overtone:
    • Use less real estate by making components collapsible
    • Style and minimize seesaw borders and dividers to maximize frame space
    • Implement tab system for multiple files being open at one time
    • Boot overtone server on startup

SketchPad features

  • Complete reworking of Clooj menus in seesaw with new features

    • Putting the menu construction into seesaw will make for more readbale code and a cleaner way to add more features that fit in the SketchPad key binding system
  • Edit and command modes

    • Easy to configure edit modes for vim and emacs style text navigating and manipulation
  • Macros

    • recording and palying back macros of recordable text area actions (RSyntaxTextArea)
  • Auto completion

    • Integrate RSTA auto completion
    • Dynamically generate auto completion info for current project based on name space meta data
  • Repl tools

    • Create a palete of hot key commands that make things easier for working with Clojure projects
      • use :reload current.project ["cmd shit U"]
      • require :reload current.project ["cmd shift R"]
      • eval file in repl ["cmd E"]
      • eval current function in repl ["cmd enter"]
      • restart a repl ["cmd R"]
      • clear repl output ["cmd K"]
      • apply ns ["cmd shift A"]
      • print stack trace ["cmd T"]
  • Layout management

    • Hot key toggling file tree browser to take up less space and be more useable for switching between files
      • "cmd 1" hides and shows the browser as well as requests focus when open and passes focus back to the editor when closed allowing for fast movement between files
    • possibly for the repl as well
  • Add Overtone API documentation and SuperCollider UGen documentation

    • Integrate JavaFX 2 WebView component via upshot
    • Boot local web server with Noir to host Overtone documentation and examples
    • Build WebView based documentation browser for searching and navigating docs and examples
  • Integrate Overtone GUI components

    • Widget docking system
    • In text GUI component interaction
  • Hardware management

    • Midi device manager
    • Midi controller assignment editor to customize different hardware controllers