NeoScrypt, a Strong Memory Intensive Key Derivation Function
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NeoScrypt is a strong memory intensive key derivation function.

Compile time definitions:

  • -DNEOSCRYPT_SHA256 enables optional SHA-256 support (Scrypt compatibility);
  • -DNEOSCRYPT_BLAKE256 enables optional BLAKE-256 support;
  • -DNEOSCRYPT_OPT enables FastKDF performance optimisations;
  • -DNEOSCRYPT_ASM enables 32-bit and 64-bit assembly optimisations;
  • -DNEOSCRYPT_MINER_4WAY enables 4-way mining per thread (requires -DNEOSCRYPT_ASM).

There are also test vectors and benchmarks available.


Refer to the following white paper for an introduction to NeoScrypt: