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A blank Lift app ready for Heroku
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A blank Lift project that is ready for Heroku

Start here:

$ git clone

Create a new heroku app on their Cedar stack:

$ heroku create --stack cedar

Deploy your code:

$ git push heroku master

All done:

$ heroku open

For more info about Scala on Heroku check out the dev center

More details about the changes made to the standard Lift Blank project to get it ready for Heroku ...

Instead of deploying a war file we want to start Jetty directly. As others before me have figured out, the easiest way to do this is create a Main method to start jetty. See JettyLauncher.scala - save this in your src/main/scala dir. Then use Typesafe's start script plugin to generate a script to start the app.

Note: make sure that project/ doesn't start with a comment line. Heroku doesn't like that.

Based on Scalatra on Heroku

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