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Testing with Twisted system #8

pythonmobile opened this Issue Dec 21, 2012 · 6 comments

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It would be nice if this codebase was automatically tested by the Twisted buildbot. Has this been talked about? With the release of 12.3.0, its high time perhaps?

ghtdak commented Dec 22, 2012

I've been in touch with the Twisted folks a couplea times.

The Qt Reactor was not included with the Twisted code because of licensing issues with PyQt. Now that it works with PySide (I'm told), it could be brought into Twisted itself.

IIRC, even the PyQt licensing might not be an issue any longer although that would need to be verified.

So, if someone wanted to do the work and get it into Twisted, I think everything becomes easier.

ghtdak commented Jun 11, 2013

Way back when I originally wrote the Qt Reactor, Twisted Trial would run through, mostly without incident. The failures, IIRC, weren't concerning to the Twisted folks.

I haven't tried Trial lately... not with PySide or Qt5 (There's another thread on this topic).


So any news? Would love to integrate PySide into my Twisted application - how would I be doing that these days?

ghtdak commented Sep 18, 2014

PySide is included. I'm not closing this thread because I really want somebody to hammer on the implementation with the twisted suite of testing tools. My environment has gotten a bit behind.

ghtdak commented Sep 24, 2014

So, the full blown run of trial

trial --reactor=[qt4 | pyqt4 | pyside] twisted

takes about a minute on a server class machine. The problem with the Twisted buildbot is that they'd need to maintain Qt.

However, I used to have a server supporting twisted... and I could probably do that again. I'll look into it. I'll leave this thread open

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