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Install and debug iPhone apps from the command line, without using Xcode
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This project is no longer maintained.


Install and debug iPhone apps without using Xcode. Designed to work on unjailbroken devices.


  • Mac OS X. Tested on Snow Leopard only.
  • You need to have a valid iPhone development certificate installed.
  • Xcode must be installed, along with the SDK for your iOS version.


  • fruitstrap [-d] -b <app> [device_id]
  • Optional -d flag launches a remote GDB session after the app has been installed.
  • <app> must be an iPhone application bundle, not an IPA.
  • Optional device_id; useful when you have more than one iPhone/iPad connected.


  • The included represents the minimum required to get code running on iOS.
  • make install will install to the device.
  • make debug will install and launch a GDB session.


  • With some modifications, it may be possible to use this without Xcode installed; however, you would need a copy of the relevant DeveloperDiskImage.dmg (included with Xcode). GDB would also run slower as symbols would be downloaded from the device on-the-fly.
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