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PaizaQA is a Open Source QA service(like StackOverflow) using MEAN stack.

This project was generated with the Angular Full-Stack Generator version 3.3.0.

Blog article

The following blog article explains how to build the QA service using MEAN stack.

English: Building a QA web service in an hour - MEAN stack development(3)

Japanese: Webサービスを作りたい人に最適、たった1時間でJSベースのQAサイトを作る方法 - MEANスタック開発(3)


Getting Started


  • Git
  • Node.js and npm Node ^4.2.3, npm ^2.14.7
  • Bower (npm install --global bower)
  • Ruby and then gem install sass
  • Grunt (npm install --global grunt-cli)
  • MongoDB - Keep a running daemon with mongod


  1. Run npm install to install server dependencies.

  2. Run bower install to install front-end dependencies.

  3. Run mongod in a separate shell to keep an instance of the MongoDB Daemon running

  4. Run grunt serve to start the development server. It should automatically open the client in your browser when ready.

Build & development

Run grunt build for building and grunt serve for preview.


Running npm test will run the unit tests with karma.