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Comic Verse

Application Concept:

Comic Verse is a full stack website designed to be your one stop destination for all comic book character information.




Future Development

  • The original concept for Comic Verse included a turn based game where you could select any character within our database as a selectable playable option. The overall design for the website and functionality between front and back end made the game functionality fall into our ice box. This is still a feature we would love to add to our full-stack website.
  • More accessible admin character authorization and a better way to identify between an admin and a regular user.
  • An edit profile option for more user profile customization.

Technologies Used

  • Bootstrap - Front-end toolkit
  • Handlebars Js - Front-end templating middleware
  • Node.js & Express.js - JavaScript run time environment & web application framework
  • Sequelize - ORM between our application and our SQL database
  • Bcrypt - Node.js module to hash, store, and compare user passwords
  • Passport.js - Node.js authentication middleware
  • Heroku - Application deployment

Deployed Site

Comic Verse