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⛪ A Discord bot for supporting a Christian chatroom, with moderation, Bible devotionals, and more!
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Act4Christ on Discord

This is a specialized Discord bot for the Chinese Christian Church of Thousand Oaks's Act4Christ youth group Discord server. It includes all of the standard features of Discord servers, as well as some additional features, which are detailed below.

All descriptions assume the command prefix is !, but the exclamation point can be changed by a server admin.

Current Features

  1. Pingable Bot Ping the bot using !hello to get a reply back.
  2. Verse Finder Use !verse [verse] to find a specific verse from the King James Bible.
  3. QR Code Generator Generate a QR code by typing !qr [text] and receive a QR code with the text contained within.
  4. Prefix Changer Change the prefix you use for the command by using !changeprefix [prefix].

Planned Features

  • YouTube Playback

Description Use !play [search] or !play [URL] to queue a song from YouTube. Control music with !pause, !stop, !skip, !current.

  • SoundCloud Playback

Description Use the same YouTube playback commands to play back a SoundCloud song.

  • Permissions System

Description Grant certain users certain command uses through an online configuration editor as well as certain tags on the Discord server.

  • Verse of the Day

Description Use !devotional to get a verse of the day, most likely which will be powered by an API server like API.Bible or Bible Gateway.

  • Create Polls

Description Create a poll by using !poll and related queries in order to poll an entire server. Enable DMs to the entire server immediately to get a response, as well as using !result and a poll ID to call back the results of any saved poll.

  • Passage Search

Description Use !verse [search] to find verses of a certain type, using paths like exact verses (Genesis 1:1) or topical searches (verses about love).

  • Bible Version Comparison

Description Compare verses from different versions of the Bible, by typing !compare [verse].

  • Moderation

Description Allow current admins to moderate the server with !role, !ban, !mute, among other common moderation commands.

  • Random Bible Verse

Description Picks a random Bible verse and displays it.

  • Pick a Random User

Description Picks a random user, with a currently undetermined command, in order to conduct giveaways. Planned is also the support to only select from a certain pool of users, like users with a certain role or all currently online users.

  • League of Legends Profiles

Description Use !league [username] to search for a certain League of Legends username and display their stats. By default, checks the NA servers, but planned is the support for other servers as well.

  • Steam Profiles

Description Use !steam [username] to search for a certain Steam username and display their Steam stats, if it is public.

  • People and Bot Statistics

Description Keeps track of how often people talk, as well as what channel they talk in, as well as what commands people use and how often the bot is used. Stored in a database for easy statistics and retrieval.

  • Wheel Spinner

Description Spin a wheel and win a fortune by using !fortune to find yourself a fortune. (Credit: Nathan Yu)

  • Rock Paper Scissors

Description Challenge another player to a game of rock, paper, and scissors. (Credit: Nathan Yu)

  • Tic Tac Toe

Description Challenge another player to a game of tic, tac, toe. (Credit: Nathan Yu)

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