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A web server created by stripping down and reorganizing Edi Weitz's Hunchentoot
Common Lisp
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www A test for submitting non-ASCII via GET.
.gitignore add .gitignore
LICENSE Working on docs.
README Some commas.
api.lisp Various bits of cleanup.
api.txt Meaningless tweaks to docs.
conditions.lisp Add documentation to request-aborted condition.
cookie.lisp Adding my copyright and axing old changelogs.
documentation.lisp Various bits of cleanup.
http.lisp Various bits of cleanup.
log.lisp Puttin back simple static-file handler.
notes.txt Moving some notes into new docs.txt.
packages.lisp Various bits of cleanup.
rfc2388.lisp Adding my copyright and axing old changelogs.
set-timeouts.lisp Adding ECL implementation of set-timeouts.
specials.lisp Various bits of cleanup.
taskmaster.lisp Renaming toot-error function so it's not public. And making handle-if…
tests.lisp Various bits of cleanup.
toot.asd Adding ECL dependency on sb-bsd-sockets
util.lisp Adding my copyright and axing old changelogs.


Toot is a stripped down and, hopefully, simplified version of Edi
Weitz's Hunchentoot. It does not aim to be backwards compatible with
anything and large swaths of Hunchentoot functionality have been cut
out. Some of them may be put back someday. Use at your own risk. If it
breaks you get to keep both pieces, etc. etc.
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