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Sample project to demonstrate Travis CI and Play 2 in action

You can easily use Travis CI to build your Web Applications based on Play 2.x Framework, with following steps:

  • instruct the download and setup of the release(s) of Play you want to run with in a custom script called by before_script in .travis.yml
  • call path/to/play-framework/play test with script definition in .travis.yml

For more general information about how to use Travis-CI, follow the guides on

Just get it work in seconds...

  • Enable Travis hook on your GitHub repository from your Travis CI profile
  • Copy .travis.yml from this sample project to your Play2 application, and update it to refer to required version(s) of Play 2.x, maybe start a database service for your tests,...
  • Publish your changes to GitHub repository and enjoy continuous integration with Travis !
  • Show the build status in your Build Status

Original README from Hello World sample

copied from

This is a very basic application that demonstrates Play 2.0 fundamentals:

  • Writing controllers and actions.
  • Routing and reverse routing.
  • Linking to public assets.
  • Using the template engine.
  • Handling forms with validation.