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Social Stream: a framework for building social network websites

Social Stream is an engine for Ruby on Rails. It provides a robust and flexible framework with social networking features and activity streams for building websites.

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Social Stream components

Social Stream is divided into components. Developers can customize their social network with the functionalities they need for each case. Check current Social Stream components in Social Stream’s website


There is a detailed guide in Social Stream’s website on how to get started, install Social Stream in your Rails application and customize it.


Social Stream’s wiki covers topics such as deployment howtos, development tips or an explanation of the database schema.

Furthermore, Social Stream’s code documentation is available at Most of the stuff is in the base gem.

Discussion and contribution

If you have any questions or issues regarding Social Stream usage, Social Stream’s Google group is a perfect place to share them. Other experienced users of Social Stream will be willing to help you. There exist also a social-stream tag in StackOverflow

Social Stream’s issue tracker is reserved to discuss defects and contributions. Please do not post questions in the issue tracker.