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This bundle lets you to use the multi-platform editor Sublime Text as an IDE for the monkey programming language. It is based on monkey.tmbundle.

Created by Matt Sephton,


Syntax Highlighting
Easily see keywords, constants, strings, comments, numbers and functions/classes/methods in your code

Auto Completion of Keywords
Press the Tab key to expand to the first match after typing part of a keyword, Option+Escape will present a list of matches for you to choose from

Expand Keywords into Code
Press the Tab key to expand one keyword into one or more lines of code, subsequent presses of tab intelligently jump you through the resulting code allowing you to fill in multiple parameters with minimal key strokes

Build Systems
Quick and easy build by pressing ⌘B, current build system can be set in the Tools menu

Easy Source Navigation
Navigate around your source using the index of functions, classes and methods

...and more to come

Mac OS X


Please check that the download is named monkey.sublime and not something else. You may have to rename it.

Unzip to:

~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text/Packages/

Next, you will need to add your monkey/bin folder to your Environment PATH.
This is currently a bit awkward but may hopefully become easier as Sublime Text allows stuff like this to be defined in the editor prefrences.

Adding monkey to your PATH

There are two paths in Mac OS X, the $PATH used by Terminal/shells and the Environment PATH as used by Windowed apps.
We'll add to both, just in case you need to use trans_macos from a shell as well as Sublime Text.

Adding to the Terminal/shell $PATH

echo "export PATH=\$PATH:/user/folder/monkey/bin" >> ~/.profile

Adding to the Environment PATH

Assuming you have done the step above, in Terminal:

defaults write ${HOME}/.MacOSX/environment PATH "${PATH}"

Alternatively, you can manually edit ~/.MacOSX/environment.plist or use the RCEnvironment preference pane.
Either way, the goal is to add your monkey/bin path to the PATH variable in your environment.

You will need to restart Mac OS X for the changes to take effect.

Debugging your PATH

Bring up the Console using the View menu, then type:

import os

Your current Environment PATH as recognised by Sublime will be echoed to the console.
If you do not see your monkey/bin folder listed, you will need to repeat the steps listed in Adding monkey to your PATH.


Support for Microsoft Windows is present. You will need to add your monkey/bin folder to the system PATH.


There is currently no Linux support as Monkey does not currently support it.


You can talk about the bundle on the official monkey forum



monkey.sublime is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.



  • Added DrawPoint (v50)
  • Included current TextMate language grammar


  • Added FirstNode, LastNode, NextNode, PrevNode, Exp (v45c)
  • Added DisableKeyboard, EnableKeyboard (v45)
  • Added ACosr, ASinr, ATan2r, ATanr, Cosr, Sinr, Tanr (v44)
  • Added DrawPoly (v43)
  • Added App: UpdateRate
  • Added Audio: music commands (v35), Discard
  • Added Graphics: DeviceHeight, DeviceWidth, Frames, HandleX, HandleY, Height, Width
  • Added Lang: Print, Length, Resize, Compare, ToLower, ToUpper, Trim
  • Added List: Backwards, Clear, Count, First, IsEmpty, Last, LastNode, ObjectEnumerator, RemoveFirst, RemoveLast, Value, ToArray
  • Added Map: Set, Values, Key
  • Added Random: Seed
  • Added Set: Insert
  • Added Stack: Insert, Pop, Push, Top


  • Added LANG const


  • Removed extraneous JOY constants
  • Added missing JoyX/Y/Z keywords
  • Added TARGET const
  • Removed binary integer grammar which was resulting in incorrect display of numerical values


  • Updated language definition to the latest one from monkey.tmbundle, lots of changes:
  • Added else/elseif snippet
  • Reduced number of foldable elements
  • Added keyEquivalent ^⌥⇧+M to activate bundle
  • Renamed bundle from monkey to Monkey
  • Removed preprocessor grammar
  • Removed framework grammar
  • Removed module grammar
  • Added better if/then/elseif/else/endif handling
  • Added bitwise complement operator
  • Removed superstrict reference
  • Tidied block comment grammar
  • Replaced instances of (?:(?:^|;)\s*) with neater \b (regexp boundary)
  • Removed references to integer number symbol %
  • Corrected PI constants regexp
  • Removed pointerops grammar
  • Removed unused types from types grammar


  • Added one build system per target, should default to HTML5 but may need specifying manually


  • Updated language definition to the latest one from monkey.tmbundle (v40)


  • Updated language definition to the latest one from monkey.tmbundle (v39)


  • Added workaround for path issue
  • Added installation notes
  • Fixes for some broken snippets
  • Added file_regex so errors can be located


  • Added multiple command line parameters, thanks to Adam Woodall


  • Added build system (path to trans needs to be hard coded - you will have to edit the Monkey.sublime-build file)


  • Initial release

To do


Sublime Text package for the monkey programming language



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