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@dustinmoris dustinmoris released this 08 Feb 23:51
· 730 commits to master since this release


First RTM release of Giraffe.

This release has many minor breaking changes and a few bigger features. Please read the changelog carefully before updating your existing application.

New features

  • JSON and XML serialization is now configurable through Dependency Injection (see Serialization)
  • Added new features to validate conditional HTTP headers before processing a web request (see Conditional Requests)
  • Added streaming capabilities (see Streaming)
  • Added HEAD, OPTIONS, TRACE, CONNECT http handlers
  • Added more HttpContext extension methods to create parity between response writing methods and HttpHandler functions (see Response Writing and Content Negotiation)
  • Added detailed XML docs to all public facing functions for better Intellisense support
  • The Giraffe.Common module auto opens now

Breaking changes

  • Deprecated Griaffe.Tasks. Giraffe uses the original TaskBuilder.fs library now.
  • Giraffe comes with a default set of required dependencies which need to be registered via services.AddGiraffe() during application startup now
  • The Giraffe.TokenRouter library has been moved to a separate NuGet package under the same name
  • Removed redundant serialization methods
    • Removed serializeJson, deserializeJson<'T>, deserializeJsonFromStream<'T>, defaultJsonSerializerSettings, defaultSerializeJson, defaultDeserializeJson<'T>, serializeXml and deserializeXml<'T>
  • Removed the customJson http handler
  • Renamed the html http handler to htmlString
  • Renamed the renderHtml http handler to htmlView
  • Renamed setBodyAsString http handler to setBodyFromString
  • Renamed ReturnHtmlFileAsync() to WriteHtmlFileAsync()
    • The function can also accept relative and absolute file paths now
  • Renamed RenderHtmlAsync() to WriteHtmlViewAsync()
  • Removed the overloads for BindJsonAsync<'T>, BindModelAsync<'T> and WriteJsonAsync which accepted an object of type JsonSerializerSettings
  • Renamed the signOff http handler to signOut to be more consistent with existing ASP.NET Core naming conventions

To get a summary of the new features and changes you can check the official Giraffe 1.0.0 release blog post.